Senin, 16 Juli 2012

This is ain't Good bye...


I say to them, that am gonna leave this wonderful place for reach my career path in the future.. I cried, they cried we're all cried :( i have nothing to say to them...if I remember all my memories with them, all the memories that i've created in Hotel Aryaduta Makassar, I just can say WOW!!! Allah SWT is so kind to give me this life, to give me chances to improve my knowledge in here..more over HE give me a way to meet such a wonderful people around me..

It is not a Goodbye it is just about am takin' another way of my life, We cannot stay together for our rest of our life but all the memories are stay true in my life and being unforgetable :)

Love My Parents..Love you Guys..Love my Job, especially Love my Allah SWT for this wonderful life

PS: this is not a farewell note, I will be write it on the last day of being in Hotel Aryaduta Makassar :)

Teddy ^_^

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